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Looking for Draw (X) Tips for Football?

Looking for Draw (X) Tips for Football?

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If this you’re seeking draw (x) tips for football, this page can help.

Predictions.Soccer is one of the leading providers of 1×2 football tips. Our cutting edge betting algorithms select draw (x) tips, as well as home win (1) tips, and away win (2) tips.

This page will tell you where and how to find today’s draw (x) tips.

It will also give you insight about successful betting on the draw (x).

Understanding Draw (X) Betting in Football

This article zones in on one aspect of football betting:

Draw (X) bets

Betting on the draw is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people. That’s because most of us have an opinion about who is most likely to win any football match.

Even with a little knowledge of nothing more than the team names, we begin to make assumptions about the result of a game.

Needless to say, we base our immediate judgements on which team we like more, or feel is superior.

We are also led to lean towards the bookmakers favourite in these situations.

If our knowledge of the teams might not be 100%, we are often drawn towards following the betting market.

The wisdom of crowds is a very real thing. And if one team is 1/3 to win the game, and the other team is 8/1, there is likely a very good reason.

In such cases it’s obvious one team is most likely to win.

But with draws, it is far more complex. Even in a tight game with teams of similar ability, there is little statistical evidence that betting on draws is profitable.

Why? Because the market knows the game is hard to call, and both teams might be content with a draw. So the odds are way smaller and the rewards are far less!

When the odds get smaller, you have to pick right more often, and therein lies the main problem of winning on draw betting at football.

Let us explain some of the techniques to consider when choosing your draw bets.

You may have come to this page looking for quick draw (x) tips, but getting better at choosing your own draw tips in football… that’s just as good!

If It’s So Tricky, Why Bet on Draws?

Draw betting is tough, no doubt about it.

But when done right, it can be very profitable. Especially when used to build an accumulator or parlay bet.

What Is An Accumulator Bet (or Parlay in US terminology)?

“A bet involving multiple selections, with the odds multiplied for each selection, resulting in far higher payouts than for single bets.”

This kind of bet is very popular with gamblers using draw bet selections. Because you don’t need to combine a lot of winning selections to get a big payout.

The average odds of a draw in any given list of fixtures is around 11/4, which is 3.75 in decimal odds.

Here is a list of the odds for combining 3-6 correct draw selections at odds on 11/4:

Draw Accumulator Bet Examples:

Selections Odds Payout for $1 Accumulator (Parlay)

3 wins 51.73/1 $52.73

4 wins 195.75/1 $196.75

5 wins 736.82/1 $737.82

6 wins 2,765.85/1 $2,766.85

So, you can see, the rewards for combining just a few successful draw selections can be extremely profitable when the odds are multiplied.

Sure, you might need luck on your side for a big payout. That is always the case.

But, when you want to have a really good chance of profit for not much money, a draw (x) bet accumulator or parlay is a good choice.

But is Draw (x) Betting Boring? Is It Less Exciting?

Some people always prefer to side with one team or the other and they feel it is more exciting.

But, speaking from experience, betting on draw (x) tips is just as much fun.

Also, it can keep your interest alive in games where a win bet might not.

For example, let’s say the home team in a game goes 2-0 up. Expecting the away team to score 3 goals to win the match is a lot to ask for most teams.

In this situation, if you placed an Away (2) bet then you might feel your bet is dead, and with good cause.

Yet, there is a far greater chance your team might score 2 goals than to score 3 goals. 

So your draw bet, although it is in a lot of trouble, it is nowhere near as bad as if you needed to win the game.

And, there is another key factor…

The other key factor is that when you’re betting on the draw (x) then it doesn’t matter which team scored the goals first.

You have no bias either way. The score just needs to end level

In games where the outsiders score first, and the favourites are losing, there is still a strong chance the favourites can bounce back.

This means that even a couple of early goals don’t ruin your bet, and you are in with a fighting chance for longer.

Selecting Matches for Draw Bets

As I mentioned earlier, there is a tendency to side with the games where the odds on either team winning are close.

In these games, the odds of a draw are a little smaller, but do have a better chance of happening.

The challenge for you is to decide if you want more risk for less reward, or more risk for higher reward.

Some gamblers like to place a draw bet on a match where both teams don’t really need to win the game.

Let’s say it is at the end of the season. Both teams are in the middle of the league table. They can’t win any prizes, nor can they be promoted.

At the end of a long season, they probably have a number of injured or fatigued players.

Logic dictates that this game will not be as competitive as a game involving two teams fighting for a title. This applies to European competition places, or maybe even relegation too.

Big rivals will also play with extra passion, compared to two teams with no history.

Think of Inter versus AC Milan. Even if they can’t win a trophy, the game will be very competitive.

But if the game is Inter versus Atalanta, or Udinese, the same level of passion will not be there.

If this game is 0-0 or 1-1 with ten minutes to play, will anyone be desperately trying to score? Will they be risking it all, for the chance of three points?

Probably not.

In this case you might have an attractive game for a draw bet. The odds might be slightly lower.

But betting on two teams who don’t really care that much if they win can often be a great advantage.

Draw (X) Betting on Defensive Teams

Another valid strategy is to consider the defensive approach of a team.

If they are very defensive, with a record of conceding few goals, the chance of them conceding 1 goal or less is high.

But, if the team is very attacking, it is likely some of their games have big scorelines.

Sometimes they might as easily score OR concede 3+ goals in a game.

For draw betting, betting on the careful and defensive team is safer.

Again, the odds might be slightly smaller. But you know this team won’t abandon their principles.

So, look for games with 1 or 2 defensive teams playing in a game where the result might not be that important.

The chance of a draw result (x) instead of a home win (1) or away win (2) will be far greater.

Mistakes to Avoid in Draw (X) Betting

Following on from the above, here are some obvious mistakes to avoid when betting on the draw (x):

  • Avoid teams that desperately need to win the game

  • Especially avoid games where both teams really need to win

  • Avoid teams who are often involved in high scoring games

  • Avoid teams who concede or score a high amount of goals for their league position

With a little homework, you can avoid obvious pitfalls and cut down your risk when following draw (x) tips.

This applies when choosing your own draw bets as well.

Expert Tips for Successful Draw (X) Betting

Are you ready to dive into soccer draw betting, and want expert tips to help you?

Get good tips for 1×2 betting and search out the best draw (x) tips. These are chosen by our amazing soccer betting algorithm.

At Predictions.Soccer we pride ourselves on delivering the best draw (x) tips on the internet.

Have fun with your draw betting, and come back here for a little guidance whenever you lose your focus.